Hi, I'm Alberto Donizetti.

I'm a Computer Scientist by education, working as a Software Engineer.

I'm currently employed as a Research Associate at CINECA, the biggest public supercomputing research centre in Italy.

I've also been a regular contributor to the Go Programming Language open source project since 2014. Go is my language of choice for personal projects and language-agnostic work-related projects.


When writing code, I value correctness, readability, and simplicity. Efficiency is also a concern, when appropriate.

The three main languages in my programming toolbox are C, Python, and Go; I’m also familiar with the Java language and the Matlab environment.

I mainly work in the field of Computational Science. I'm familiar with the tools and techniques required to develop, test, benchmark, and optimize computer software, primarily in the context of scientific computing.


My background is in Computer Science.

I have obtained a Bachelor's Degree (2013) and Master's Degree (2015) in Computer Science, both at the University of Milano-Bicocca.



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